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VKontakte group integration

Set up true VKontakte CRM!
Link your groups and use Planfix to process requests sent to your VKontakte network, turning ordinary visitors into satisfied customers.
A customer writes a message to a VKontakte group
A customer profile is created in Planfix with the person's name from VKontakte. A link to their VKontakte page is also added
Your support team will instantly receive a new task and will use this task to communicate with the customer
How does it work?
The customer writes their questions in a direct VKontakte message, and your colleagues answer them from Planfix. Regardless of which employee responds, the response will be sent from your company's name.
How it looks for your colleagues
How it looks for the customer
Why is this more convenient than working in VKontakte?
Customer Acquisition
You will bring customers from VKontakte into your CRM and then use your company's tried and true sales methods.
Unified system
Your coworkers will use one interface to serve customers from VKontakte, Facebook, Telegram, and other sources.
Parallel work
Several employees from your department or support team can work with customers from VKontakte at the same time.
Workload allocation
Manage employee workloads by allocating requests from the public VKontakte page among employees automatically or based on whoever gets there first. This guarantees that customers will get quick responses.
Minimum risk
You're not required to give coworkers passwords to public pages or grant them admin rights. Planfix gives you the flexibility to control who can handle VK requests. Passwords are only needed when enabling the integration.
Simple records
You can use Planfix to keep a record of processed orders and work carried out by coworkers.

But most importantly, you will be able to link any employee you need to a VKontakte order: from the sales team to technical specialists, logistics experts, delivery staff, and more.

Everyone will use one interface to process orders, regardless of source — and customers will communicate with your company using the platform that's most convenient for them.

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