Teamwork Management Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Teamwork Management

Use a single Planfix teamwork management software for projects of any type and complexity.

Planfix allows you to effectively manage every aspect of a project's lifecycle, from proposal to completion. The use of project and task templates also simplifies and automates the distribution of work between teams.


Document Flow

Connect External Users

CRM — Teamwork Management


Keep track of customers and suppliers in a database: group and segment them based on different criteria.
Engage in communication with colleagues and clients through Planfix.
Finish both short-term and long-term deals successfully.
Work on deals within a clear pipeline.
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Document Flow — Teamwork Management

Document Flow

Approve documents directly from Planfix.
Keep a document database with all versions and edits.
Create business offers and invoice templates.
Documents in Planfix
Connect External Users — Teamwork Management

Connect External Users

Receive notifications through various communication channels: email, chats, instant messengers, or social networks.
Set up a personal account for the client and communicate with them using Planfix.
Manage access to tasks and projects and the visibility of comments for external users.
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Project Activity — Teamwork Management

Project Activity

Even the most complex projects can be efficiently organized, tasks can be assigned, and responsibilities can be clearly defined all within a single work management system — Planfix.

Work Management — Teamwork Management

Work Management

Planfix can adapt flexibly to all business processes and tasks in your company. It offers numerous features to make work on projects of different sizes and focuses more convenient.

Mind maps

Gantt Chart

Arrange and visualize task priorities and deadlines to better manage task sequencing and timing.

Project Templates

Create projects quickly with pre-defined preferences and a task tree already in place.

Task Templates

Quickly create routine tasks with predefined parameters, such as project, assignee, description, etc.
Work with Documents — Teamwork Management

Work with Documents

Share documents with colleagues and clients within a project or task. Keep all versions of documents, coordinate them, and make changes directly in Planfix.

Document templates
Document versioning
Cloud storage
Work with Clients — Teamwork Management

Work with Clients

Set up convenient communication channels and processes for working with clients. Communicate through a single channel — Planfix — regardless of which channel customers use to write to you.

Contact and company cards
Communication via various channels
Synchronization with Google Contacts
Access to contacts

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