Sales & Logistics Automation Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Sales & Logistics Automation

Manage your sales process with a single sales management system. Follow up with clients from initial contact through to delivery and closing of documents.

Set up and customize pipelines for your sales and logistics business processes. A toolkit that makes the sales and logistics departments more convenient and minimizes time spent on routine tasks.


Client Base (CRM)

Deals Pipeline



Projects — Sales & Logistics Automation


Manage short- and long-term projects.
Filter projects by contractors and group them by fields or services.
Organize collaborative work between employees and external users: clients, partners, or suppliers.
Projects in Planfix
Client Base (CRM) — Sales & Logistics Automation

Client Base (CRM)

Organize, structure, and group the client base.
Combine contacts by different factors and roles: clients, suppliers, contractors, partners, etc.
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Deals Pipeline — Sales & Logistics Automation

Deals Pipeline

With an intuitive user interface, color-coded labels, and drag-and-drop functionality, you can customize the movement of deals through the pipeline.
Customize and automate business processes for different project teams.
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Omnichannel — Sales & Logistics Automation


Receive all requests, inquiries, and messages from clients by mail or instant messenger in Planfix and respond to them directly.
Keep saved correspondence and documents related to tasks, contacts, or companies.
Respond to client requests, inquiries, and messages directly from Planfix to mail or instant messengers.
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Logistics — Sales & Logistics Automation


Easily view tasks on the map and perform fast logistics with map integration.
Automate processes by accepting requests through a variety of communication channels.
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Company and Contacts — Sales & Logistics Automation

Company and Contacts

Manage a full-powered client base in Planfix. Segment and group clients and manage access. Merge duplicates to avoid cluttering your client base.

Contact templates
Synchronization with Google Contacts
Custom fields

Synchronization with Google Contacts

Synchronize your contacts with Google Contacts so you can use the calendar you're used to.

Finding Duplicates

Planfix automatically warns you when it identifies duplicate contacts, and you can choose whether or not to delete one.

Access to Contacts

Set up different access levels to contact data for employees, protecting sensitive information.
Communication — Sales & Logistics Automation


Communicate with your clients through Planfix sales management platform. Receive messages, requests, and orders through different communication channels, respond directly from the system, and store everything in one place.

Communication via Different Channels

Use integrations to communicate with clients using the methods they find most convenient.

Creating Tasks by Email

Sets tasks by email. Assign employees Planfix tasks by sending them emails.

Tracking Sent and Read Mail

Track the sent and read statuses of emails. Each task or comment has a corresponding symbol for sent and read.
Commodity Item Catalogs — Sales & Logistics Automation

Commodity Item Catalogs

Organize product catalogs, price lists, and exchange rates in one place. Easily create product catalogs and add prices and suppliers. Directly generate prices and invoices with Planfix.

Planners — Sales & Logistics Automation


Set up a full-featured pipeline according to your company's business processes. Flexible customization and color coding make managing the lifecycle of orders and deals easy.

Selection Parameters

Add tasks and contacts that meet specific conditions to a list.

Hourly Schedule

Create a visual representation of an employee's workload for a given period of time.

Daily Schedule

Create booking/appointment tasks for any object, thereby building an availability calendar.

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