Planfix Features:
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Task and project management, comments, interface setup, creating reports, working with contacts, documents, and data tags, access management, integrations, ready-made solutions and much more.

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Set up a hierarchy of objects with the desired structure, complexity, and nesting. Sorting and segmenting make it easy to work with the complex projects.

Gantt Chart

Arrange and visualize task priorities and deadlines to better manage task sequencing and timing.


Use Planfix comments to see how things are going in a given task. Record your correspondence to later be able to recall.


Use the many tools available in Planfix to clearly assign tasks to employees and monitor the results of their work.


All tasks in Planfix can be displayed in one place, in the Planner. Task statuses and their corresponding colors make it easy to track how work is progressing.


Access all information about events in all projects and tasks you're linked to. The Chronicle is an excellent replacement for email notifications.Work in the Chronicle and minimize the number of emails in your inbox.


Create a single contact databse in Planfix. Put together contact lists using various parameters and manage who has access to these lists.

Data Tags

Any employee working on a project can easily record time, costs, or other resources used in Planfix. This makes it easy for you to track expenses and your budgets.


Reports help you structure and visualize data collected in Planfix. Create your own reports to help with business management.

Charts and Graphs

Present data from reports in a clear and effective manner.


You can be sure that your team always has access to the most recent version of project documents, and you can easily return to previous versions as needed. Work collaboratively using Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365 integrations.


Each employee or department can create a workspace with just the sections and features they need. Color scheme, planners, menus with just you need, selected report and so on.


Personalize your user interface by adding useful links to menus and hiding unused elements. Create comfortable working conditions for your colleagues, clients, and partners.

Planfix Integrations

Planfix supports integrations with many services. Integrations make Planfix incredibly versatile.


Planfix works better with email than other services. You can assign tasks and communicate about them without logging in to Planfix. Simply send an email to a designated email address.


Notifications are sent at a specified time and help people get important tasks done on time. Such tasks could be for routine equipment maintenance or regular security system maintenance.


Direct attention to a task or contact when needed. Planfix can remind you about a task or contact at a specified time.


Link Planfix with virtual PBX and expand what they're capable of. You won't miss a single call, and you'll be able to see who's calling and what their relationship to you is. You can also listen to recordings of conversations and get the right employees involved for discussions.

Processes and Scripts

Planfix templates and scripts help you automate many processes. For example, you can automate the transition of tasks from one stage to another or the creation of documents and contracts.


Use ready-made solutions to speed up Planfix integration in your company, or ask our certified partners for help.


Important Planfix elements and objects can be added to your Favorites. This makes them easy to find from anywhere in Planfix.


Use Planfix directories to store lists of products, services, addresses, or any technical information you need to generate documents or reports.


View and edit the list of employees and workgroups. Create a company structure and manage employee working time.


Automation is automation. And its of course automation and nothing besides automation. Automation is automation. And its of course automation.


Create your own web and desktop applications that can be integrated with any Planfix account.

Planfix Access

Set up access for employees and contacts so they can see the tasks, files, and contacts they need. Ensure they only see the data they need for their work.


Manage your account, save and transfer the necessary data, view event logs and determine which business processes you want to run in Planfix, configure them without involving programmers.

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