Telephony over the Internet connects businesses of all sizes and interests. Set up calls and call tracking in one system for managing teams and projects: Planfix.

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Calls from Planfix — Telephony

Calls from Planfix

Set up SIP telephony and connect a headset to make calls directly from Planfix. Work and make calls in a unified system, and take advantage of all the system's tools during calls. Navigate Planfix in a matter of clicks when speaking with clients. Go to tasks clients are linked to, or view directories to get information about products or services. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Calls With a Single Click — Telephony

Calls With a Single Click

Display counterparty and contact phone numbers in Planner cards to call them with a single click. Set up Planners in the way that works best for you, displaying just the contact information you need. Make quick calls and process requests more quickly.

Convenient Work With Clients — Telephony

Convenient Work With Clients

When you receive an incoming call, Planfix displays the contact card of the caller. If the caller is not yet in the system, a new contact will be created. Planfix enables you to see the client's personal information, communication history, and purchases, and you can add additional info to the card as needed, such as email or delivery address.

PBX Integration

Link Planfix with the virtual PBX you use.

Taking Client Calls

Take or make calls directly from Planfix. You can use a SIP phone or a special program.

Call Recordings

Save call recordings to contact cards or any task.

Entering Data During Calls

Fill in contact data directly during the call.

Contact Supervisors

Appoint employees who will be responsible for contacts created.

Tasks Based on Calls

Create task based on calls. For example, you may want to create a task after a first call with a new client that requires further processing.
Reporting — Telephony


Add phone call recordings to contact or task cards to store them in the system and get quick access as needed. Prepare reports on completed calls broken out by employee or contact and evaluate employee or department performance.

Viewing Data During a Call

Callers' contact cards are shown when incoming calls are received. If a new contact calls who's not in the system yet, Planfix will prompt you to create a new card.

Listening to Call Recordings

Listen to call recordings directly in Planfix.

Calls from the Planner

Display contact phone numbers in the Planner and make calls with a single click straight from task cards.

Reports on Calls

View reports on calls completed, broken out by employee or contact.

Data Tags in Calls

Use the Planfix data tags Call or create and add custom fields with data you use in workflows.

Track Missed Calls

Keep a record of missed calls. If a call is missed, a Missed Call data tag will be added to the card of the contact who called.
Evaluating Call Effectiveness — Telephony

Evaluating Call Effectiveness

Use Planfix to easily get a feel for employee or department performance. Track calls using the Planfix data tags Call and Missed Mall. If a manager misses a call, Planfix automatically adds a comment to their contact card with a Missed Call data tag. In this way, management can evaluate performance of individual employees or teams.

Adding Comments During Calls

Comments, files, reminders, and data tags can be added during calls.

Phone Number Masks

Set up masks for phone numbers, thus determining which are displayed in Planfix.

Phone Line Name Colors

Set colors for line names to easily distinguish between them during a call.
Link Planfix to your virtual PBX and you won't miss a thing in the office, at home, in a different city, or even in a different country.
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