Planfix is located in data centers in Europe, North America and Asia that comply with international information security standards.

North America

OVH Hillsboro, Oregon: HIL-1,

United States


Hetzner Online AG, Stuttgarter St. 1,
91710 Gunzenhausen,


OVH Singapure, SGP-1

Prioritizing Exceptional Security with Advanced and Trusted Tech Solutions
Our focus is on implementing the latest and reliable methods to ensure comprehensive protection.
Data back-up
We back up all Planfix data daily. Using encrypted archives hosted on Amazon S3 servers, we can, if necessary, restore the Planfix operating environment to any previous state in the past three months. All of the files you upload to Planfix are stored in Amazon S3.
You can limit access to your account by IP address and time. This prevents intruders from logging in to your Planfix account, even if they get your password.
You have the option of enabling two-factor authentication. When this is enabled, you need a special code to log in to Planfix, in addition to your password. The code is generated by your smartphone and is valid for only 30 seconds. Without your smartphone, intruders will be unable to get this code and log in to your Planfix account.
of personal
Planfix meets the requirements of the GDPR, European regulation on the protection of personal data You can find our privacy policy here.
We give you complete freedom to dispose of the data gathered in Planfix. Account owners can export all account data, including any file uploaded to Planfix, and use it outside the system
SSL encryption
TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol is used for access to account data for all Planfix accounts. COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA issues encryption certificates. The connection is encrypted and verified using AES_128_GCM. ECDHE_RSA is used as the key exchange mechanism. This eliminates the possibility of data interception between the client and server when you're working — all data is encrypted when transferred.
Remote maintenance
The data centers where the service is located are within EU countries that have signed the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with the Automated Processing of Personal Data. Only certain people can access these data centers. The data centers are equipped with backup power sources, several independent communication channels, alarm systems, and automatic fire suppression.
of Data
If you stop using Planfix, after two months your account along with all the data in it will be removed physically, without the possibility of recovery. Of course, we suggest that you save it first, but the last word will be yours.