Your Data is in Safe Hands

Our most important goal is to provide secure data storage and continuous availability of the data that you have entrusted to Planfix. If we let you down we will lose face and business, hence we take security issues very seriously and provide the most advanced and reliable solutions.

Cloud Instead of Server

Planfix works in its own cloud deployed in Germany. The Planfix architecture is optimized for the cloud. Instead of "iron" servers we use virtual servers, which are much more reliable, since all their functions are duplicated many times across various "iron" servers.

Geographically Dispersed Data Centres

Planfix works simultaneously in two data centres located in different countries. The data is copied from the main data centre server to the backup data centre server in real time. If for some reason the main data centre fails, users will be switched to the backup data centre and will be able to continue their work.


We are constantly making backups of all Planfix data. With encrypted files hosted on the Amazon S3 servers, if necessary, we can restore the Planfix operating environment to any time in the previous 2 weeks.

Your files downloaded to Planfix are stored in the Amazon S3 file storage, located at the European data centre in Ireland, and are synchronized on a daily basis with the Amazon S3 storage in the United States.

Unloading Data by Owner of the Account

We give you complete freedom to use the data, you've cumulated in Planfix. At any moment owner of the account can unload all account data, including all files, uploaded into the system, and use them beyond the system.


For all accounts Planfix data is accessed using a cryptographic SSL protocol. This eliminates the possibility of data interception between the client and the server, as all of the data is transmitted in encrypted form.

Access Only to Your People

You can configure access to your account only from certain IP-addresses. This will prevent an attacker from accessing your Planfix account, even if the password is revealed to him by one of your staff members.

Two-factor Authentication

You can turn on two-factor authentication, which means that in addition to your password you need a special code to access Planfix. This code is generated by your smartphone and is valid for only 30 seconds. Without your smartphone an attacker will not be able to obtain this code and access your Planfix account.

Remote Maintenance

Even our employees do not have physical access to your data. Two of our most proven team members have the required service access at the logical level.

Cloud Against Masks

You can sleep easy — the cloud is located in Germany, where it can not be confiscated for examination. This is another advantage over the "iron" server, wherever it is.

Physical Deletion of Data

If you stop using Planfix, after two months your account along with all the data in it will be removed physically, without the possibility of recovery. Of course, we suggest that you save it first, but the last word will be yours.

We will do everything to ensure that your data is accessible only to you and only for as long as you want.