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Startup Management Platform

Get your project off the ground quickly with Planfix. The flexibility of the system allows it to grow alongside your business.

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It All Starts with an Idea!  — Startup Management Platform


It All Starts with an Idea! 

The first stage of launching any startup or project is developing a strategy and action plan. But what if you have too many ideas and need to understand where to start to avoid drowning in a flood of tasks? Transfer your ideas to a connection diagram and transform them into tasks with just one click.

Add your ideas as blocks on the diagram.

Give your colleagues access and plan the work together.

Establish connections between blocks and tasks.
Let's Plan!  — Startup Management Platform

Let's Plan!

Many Planfix planners will help you efficiently plan your startup team's work. Define an action plan, distribute tasks among your team, and get your project rolling.

Various Boards

A wide selection of boards and planners assist in planning. Choose yours: kanban, scrum, or one of many others.

Various Boards — Startup Management Platform


Chronicle is a tool for making work more convenient with tasks and messages. With it, you won't miss anything—all your events are at your fingertips!


The flexibility of the schedule allows you to distribute personal and team tasks by day and even hour.


Manage your team's workload, meetings, and calls within a month, a week, or a day.

Calendars — Startup Management Platform
Project Management on a New Level — Startup Management Platform

Project Management on a New Level

From conception and visualization of an idea to production release and results evaluation, Planfix's tools allow you to take a comprehensive approach to managing projects of any complexity and scale.

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Efficient Task Management — Startup Management Platform

Efficient Task Management

One of the most vital features of Planfix. Many tools help make the daily task work of startups as productive as possible.

Sequential Tasks

Translate even the most complex business processes into a simple chain of tasks for performers and participants.

Sequential Tasks — Startup Management Platform

Recurring Tasks

Set tasks with a specified interval, and the system will launch them at the right time on its own.

Task Processes

Structure and automate business processes of any complexity and scale by setting up scenarios, statuses, and buttons.

Task Templates

Create tasks using system and custom templates to save time when launching similar tasks.

Task Priority

Configure processes by determining task execution priorities.


Organize even the most significant tasks, create subtasks with a few clicks, and monitor their execution.

Summary Tasks

Facilitate business planning with automated calculation of task completion times for all participants.

Summary Tasks — Startup Management Platform
From simple task management software for startups to a large-scale project and team management system.
Why Planfix is the Best Solution for Startups  — Startup Management Platform


Why Planfix is the Best Solution for Startups 

The primary feature of the Planfix system is to structure and automate business processes. Enjoy a comprehensive approach to task management, project management, and building the relationships among customers and your company.

Planfix Scales and Grows with Your Business!
Planfix Scales and Grows with Your Business! — Startup Management Platform
Lead Generation
Attracts more customers from a variety of channels. Connect messengers, social networks, and external chats.
Planfix Scales and Grows with Your Business! — Startup Management Platform
Customer Work
Set up automated scenarios and easily manage deals anywhere in your pipeline.
Planfix Scales and Grows with Your Business! — Startup Management Platform
Unified Repository
All data about customers, orders, and agreements are stored in the system. Amplify impact and turn single orders into recurring ones, taking deals to a new level.

Put the Robots to Work

Effective Communication

Convenient Document Flow

Flexible Tracking


Put the Robots to Work — Startup Management Platform

Put the Robots to Work

Increase project management efficiency and your team's productivity by automating routine tasks.
Robots should do the work! Set up processes and scenarios for creating new tasks, and the system will launch them automatically.
Task automation helps plan sprints effectively and distribute tasks among your team.
Buttons help visualize the task lifecycle and minimize human errors. Task and project templates expedite the launch of typical business processes.
Automation in Planfix
Effective Communication — Startup Management Platform

Effective Communication

The chat feature in Planfix is housed within each task, allowing you to stay informed regarding all events. Communicate with colleagues and partners and exchange files directly from within your tasks.
The Planfix system’s omnichannel capability allows you to receive messages through various channels: email, social networks, messengers, and other integrated chats.
All necessary information is stored in the system and readily available to you, categorized by client, project, and task. The Chronicle helps you stay informed of all events and quickly respond to urgent messages.
Flexible settings allow you to distribute access rights to specific messages.
Comments in Planfix
Convenient Document Flow — Startup Management Platform

Convenient Document Flow

All documents are cataloged by project and task regardless of the source through which they entered the system.
All project documentation is at your fingertips with saved document versions. Work with both online and offline documents.
Create templates for standard documents such as invoices, contracts, and technical specifications, simplifying routine tasks for your startup.
Use Planfix storage or connect external storage services for document management.
Documents in Planfix
Flexible Tracking  — Startup Management Platform

Flexible Tracking

The flexibility of the system allows you to track all of your data: Time spent on task execution, resources, finances, and more. Create directories and define the specific data you want to follow.
Track the working hours of teams and monitor how many hours your teams spend on tasks for projects.
The built-in timer allows you to manage remote teams and contractors and calculate their wages flexibly.
Calculate the profitability, expenses, and return on investment of your startup.
Data Tags in Planfix
Reporting — Startup Management Platform


Without reports, project management, whether for a startup or any other business processes, would not be comprehensive. The report builder allows you to customize reports for any of your business needs.
Create reports in different dimensions: by project, client, startup team, or any custom data depending on your tasks.
Set a schedule, and the system automatically sends your clients' reports. Visualize information with charts and diagrams.
Reports in Planfix
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