Product Management Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Product Management

Manage product lifecycles from idea to launch. Transfer all agile processes and development product projects to Planfix.

Link colleagues from different teams and facilitate collaborative work in your company in a unified product management system.

Generate Ideas




Generate Ideas  — Product Management

Generate Ideas

Create working groups and assign coworkers roles at the project or task level.
Link internal and external users to communication on tasks within a project.
Exchange ideas on the messengers you're familiar with, and all of your communication will be stored in the appropriate Planfix project.
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Plan  — Product Management


Create project and task templates to use them in the future with a single click.
Outline workflows and customize them for your specific team.
Transfer project roadmaps to Planfix using relationship diagrams.
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Automate — Product Management


One of our slogans is: Leave the work to the robots! Our system offers extensive tools for automation and saving time on routine tasks.
Drag-and-drop, buttons, scripts, recurring and sequential tasks — these offer just a taste of how Planfix will simplify your work.
Use ready-made solutions to automatically create convenient workspaces for your teams.
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Launch — Product Management


Add pre-defined time and finance data tags to tasks, or create your own.
Keep track of development expenses and revenue.
Create informative reports for management and investors.
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Sprints — Product Management


Configure your Agile processes or transfer existing ones to Planfix product management platform. Plan your product's growth and use this plan at various stages of the lifecycle.

Task Templates 

Quickly create routine tasks with predefined parameters, such as project, assignee, description, etc.

Task Processes

Manage the life cycle of a task, from its creation to its completion.

Task Priorities

Prioritize tasks as you see fit. Improve time management, and take planning to the next level.
Conference Calls and Meetings — Product Management

Conference Calls and Meetings

Communicate with in-house and outsourced colleagues, plan group calls, conduct sprint retrospectives, and configure reminders and notifications so nothing gets forgotten.


Direct attention to a task or contact when needed. Planfix can remind you about a task or contact at a specified time.

Hourly Calendar

Plan working time so your day is as productive as possible.

Hourly Schedule

Create a visual representation of an employee's workload for a given period of time.
Visualization — Product Management


Display the same tasks differently in different planners. Use overall planners or create unique workspaces and task filters for different teams.

Different planners
Planfix's tools for managing product lifecycles and automating routine tasks.

Gantt Chart

Arrange and visualize task priorities and deadlines to better manage task sequencing and timing.

Task Calendar

Keep track of task completion dates by displaying them as a Task calendar list.


Each employee or department can create a workspace with just the sections and features they need. Color scheme, planners, menus with just you need, selected report and so on.

Use all of Planfix's features for 14 days, completely free of charge

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