Gmail Integration Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Gmail Integration

Combine Planfix functionality with Gmail. Use one of the most popular email services to make employee and customer communication more efficient.

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work in a single window process automation virtual email addresses customer communication
Work in a Single Window — Gmail Integration

Work in a Single Window

Integrate your personal and business emails with Planfix. Utilize two powerful tools to conveniently manage, receive, and send emails in a single window.

Process Automation — Gmail Integration

Process Automation

After integration, every new email becomes a task in Planfix. Configure email processing rules to automate the process in the CRM with Gmail integration.

Virtual Email Addresses — Gmail Integration

Virtual Email Addresses

Use virtual email addresses to send, receive, and manage emails in Planfix from different email addresses.

Customer Communication — Gmail Integration

Customer Communication

You can communicate with your customers directly in Planfix, and they will ensure you communicate with them via email. Every new email from a customer is added to an existing task for their management.

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