Marketing Project Management Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Marketing Project Management

A new way to manage marketing projects! Plan and implement ideas in the same place.

Manage projects and tasks, launch ad campaigns, develop content marketing or creative. The tools in Planfix facilitate the management of marketing projects and make your work processes more convenient.





Plan — Marketing Project Management


Create task templates for future marketing projects.
Group tasks in projects based on work area or activity: digital, inbound, SMM, events, SEO.
Display tasks conveniently as a calendar, Gantt chart, Kanban board, or list.
Create workgroups and groups of users. Link teams: colleagues and external contractors.
Budget for marketing costs and monitor expenses.
Let's plan!
Approvals  — Marketing Project Management


Coordinate on documents and layouts directly in Planfix.
Document each iteration and store all versions of files, documents, and layouts.
Create work chats. Communicate with colleagues and external contractors.
Set up task processes, and use recurring or summary tasks, or tasks with mandatory result checking, depending on your business processes.
Automate all stages of coordination and confirmation, minimizing routine work.
Launch — Marketing Project Management


Send email mailouts, surveys, updates, or promos using the email mailouts integrations. Get feedback directly in the system.
Link social media integrations. Plan a publishing calendar and start SMM. Publish posts on social media and communicate with your audience directly from Planfix. You won't miss a thing thanks to handy reminders and on-hold tasks.
You have all the tools you need at your fingertips for implementing your content strategy, including document storage, planning tools, and reminders.
Track  — Marketing Project Management


Track working time. Keep track of how many hours and resources went into implementing a task or project.
Gather data tags on expenditures and use them later on to create reports.
Evaluate effectiveness and calculate return on investment for marketing activities (KPI, ROI, ROMI).
Generate reports for detailed analysis and research, pulling data together in charts and graphs.
Data Tags in Planfix
Marketing Strategy — Marketing Project Management

Marketing Strategy

Planfix provides a unified space for your marketing team to work together and manage your marketing strategy, from planning to evaluating the success of the end results.

Kanban, scrum, and variations

Project Templates

Create projects quickly with pre-defined preferences and a task tree already in place.

Gantt Chart 

Arrange and visualize task priorities and deadlines to better manage task sequencing and timing.


Each employee or department can create a workspace with just the sections and features they need. Color scheme, planners, menus with just you need, selected report and so on.
Content Strategy — Marketing Project Management

Content Strategy

Take advantage of Planfix's marketing project management tools, which make use of automation and scripts to simplify daily work.

Task Scripts

Set up automatic sequences of operations on tasks that are linked to specific events and sets of conditions.

Status Sets

Define what statuses a task or object created based on a task can have during its lifecycle.


Add additional buttons to tasks and contacts for completing sets of operations.

Daily Calendar

Keep track of task completion dates by displaying them as a "Daily calendar" list.

Daily Schedule

Create booking/appointment tasks for any object, thereby building an availability calendar.

Kanban, Scrum, and Variations

With lists and calendars, build any team management model in the planner.
Link internal teams or external users. See for yourself how convenient it is to automate and customize your marketing projects with Planfix marketing management software.  
Budgeting and Accounting — Marketing Project Management

Budgeting and Accounting

Generate a marketing budget and manage expenses in a single marketing task management software. Decide for yourself what to track and report.

Data tag summaries
Calculated fields
Tracking whatever you need
Data Storage — Marketing Project Management

Data Storage

Store files related to projects and tasks within Planfix or in external storage locations. 

Document database 

Report Designer

Create your own reports with various details to help manage your company's business.

Charts and Graphs 

Present data from reports in a clear and effective manner.

Calculated Fields

Use calculated fields to display the results of a formula that can use data tags.

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