If sales from Instagram are important to your business, then integration with Planfix is just what you need!

Instagram integration

For many business owners, Instagram has become a main source of acquiring customers. It has the amazing ability to attract the attention of a wide audience — as long as people need and like what you're offering.
If you do it right, the flow of orders from Instagram for your product or service will grow quickly, and it will become difficult to keep track of all of your arrangements with customers. But now you won't need to keep track yourself — Planfix will help.
Why is Instagram with Planfix better than just Instagram?
We know of at least three common scenarios in which using Planfix provides an undeniable advantage:
You've agreed to reach out to a customer on Instagram in a week, when the item they're interested in will be available. How can you make sure you won't forget?
You want to keep a calendar of scheduled meetings / visits / deliveries happening as a result of communication with customers on Instagram.
Planfix solves this easily — say, with task notifications. There's no way to solve this problem in the original application.
You can do this natively in Planfix, using a planner and clearly linking calendar events to customer dialogues. There's no way to solve this problem in the original application.
Customers use Instagram to chat with brands, but for you each user is at a specific stage of order/transaction processing: you are preparing a personal offer for one, you are waiting for payment from another, and another is waiting for a package and you need to track its delivery.
In Planfix, we use statuses for this, and you can always see which orders are at which stage. Without Planfix, we get confused and forget.
Here's how we do it:

New comments on your Instagram post are turned into tasks — basically how other social media integrations work, like Facebook or VKontakte.

Moreover, a new task is created the moment the first comment is made on a post. Subsequent comments are added to this task as new actions:

Your Planfix account
Your company's Instagram

You won't miss any comments, even on very old Instagram posts — they'll show up as new tasks or comments, and you'll be able to respond to customers.

When you answer a comment in Planfix, your response will be added to the Instagram thread, and the user you're responding to will be notified. This lets you carry out the conversation from Planfix with ease, while the customer will see your comments and answer them in Instagram:

Your Planfix account
Your company's Instagram
Write straight to a direct message on Instagram using Planfix
You can use a direct message to start a personal conversation with any customer who comments on your Instagram post. Planfix will create a separate task for this, and you will be able to communicate with the customer like in a regular Instagram chat, just by adding Planfix comments.
Your Planfix account
Your company's Instagram Direct
Some tips for using Planfix as CRM for Instagram
Customers will probably enter your funnel when they send a direct message from Instagram. Regardless of whether they wrote to you first or you wrote to them in response to a comment, you'll likely discuss some specifics, and you'll definitely want to make the user a very warm lead, if not a deal.
First tip
You'll want to treat regular comments on posts like leads. When someone comments "Very nice!" on a new offer, you can answer by saying, "Thanks!" — or you can say, "Thanks! By the way, do you want to arrange to try it out?" ("We'll pick a model for you," "I can offer you something new that I've wanted to offer someone for a long time," etc.) This will put a whole new spin on working with customers on Instagram.
Second tip
You probably know that Planfix can be integrated with other popular social media platforms besides Instagram — VKontakte and Facebook.

Let your customers use their favorite social networks to write to you. You can always receive and process their messages in the convenient Planfix interface.

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