Telnyx Integration Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Telnyx Integration

Simplify customer interactions and improve сommunication by integrating Planfix with Telnyx. Streamline workflows for greater achievement.


countries with PSTN replacement


for businesses of any scale


countries with local numbers
Simplify Workflows — Telnyx Integration

Simplify Workflows

Centralize message storage in Planfix for easy employee access.

Improved Communication — Telnyx Integration

Improved Communication

Facilitate more effective customer communication: Send SMS messages directly from Planfix.

User-friendly Integration — Telnyx Integration

User-friendly Integration

Easily configure integration without specialized knowledge, allowing focus on key business aspects

Connect ready-made integrations with just a few clicks

Integrate Planfix with various services to facilitate and automate work on projects and tasks. Use the Planfix API to expand the system's capabilities.

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