No matter what industry you work in, your customers definitely use Viber. Are you prepared to communicate with them using the method they find convenient?

Viber integration

Create a Viber account for your company and link it to Planfix. Then, when you communicate using Viber, it will be as simple and convenient for you as for your customers.

Any message you receive in Viber will be sent to a main processing center and will be efficiently processed by your coworkers.
A customer sends a message to your public Viber account
A profile is created in Planfix for the customer, as well as a task for processing the customer's request
Your coworkers see the request in Planfix and communicate with the customer
How does it work?
From this point onwards, all communication with the customer will happen in this task. Conversation history is preserved. Any employee with access to the task will be able to read the communication between their colleagues and the customer.
What you and your coworkers see in Planfix
What your customers see in the Viber message window
Why is this more convenient than answering in Viber?
Your coworkers see messages from all platforms in one place, which optimizes their workload.
It's ideal
You maintain control over your public Viber account; your coworkers won't have access to passwords, so they can't be changed or shared with others.
It's secure
All work takes place in Planfix, which reduces training requirements and makes knowledge easier to transfer.
It's versatile
It's easy to loop any coworker into client communication, which all takes place right in the task. The customer sees only the messages addressed directly to them.
It's dynamic

Link any number of public Viber accounts to Planfix for your company's different brands or business areas — and maintain all of them in one place with universal rules. At the same time, your coworkers will always see which Viber account customers wrote to.

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