Make your email mailouts more efficient by organizing them right in Planfix

Integrating Planfix
with email mailout services

If you have to send mailouts fairly often and you feel like you're missing something important, enable Planfix integration for email mailout services.

Once you've set it up, you'll forget about your old routine forever. Your clients will receive mailouts and alerts, and you will process their responses efficiently in Planfix.
Why is it better to do mailouts in Planfix?

Planfix lets you automatically segment your clients by any parameter or attribute. All you have to do is configure the contact filter that you need.

And segment your clients by any attribute
Configure the contact filter you need

You can link each segment to a mailing service and effortlessly organize mailouts. Moreover, the link will be dynamic — the moment a client meets the segment conditions, they appear in the mailing service and can receive emails for the mailouts configured there. This saves a tremendous amount of time and removes the chance for human error — no more "I forgot" and "I didn't think of it."

But the most important part is that clients' responses to mailout emails will automatically be sent to Planfix and become tasks for your sales department or other designated users. Conversations with clients will begin through these tasks. From the client's side, the conversation will look like an ordinary email thread, but for you and your coworkers, it will look like the Planfix interface you're used to.

Planfix works with popular email mailout services:

Since mailouts are distributed using a special service, you get the maximum delivery rate and high-quality analytics. Planfix handles what it does best: dynamically preparing for mailouts, managing client responses, and handling further communication.

Planfix Integrations

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