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Planfix is a Platform for Creating
Enterprise Management Systems

Allows you to configure and have control over various business processes of the company without programming

It helps people organize and manage collaborative work.
Moreover, the nature of the work depends on you and you only.

Planfix is equally well suited for businesses and non-profit organizations,
public associations or any other group of people working towards a common cause.

What Makes Planfix Special?

At first glance, Planfix resembles other management systems, but below the surface, you will find that it is unique with enhanced features, some of which will surprise you.

The Ideology of Occam's Razor

When creating Planfix, we included some important underlying principles that make it truly multi-functional.

Because of this, Planfix is used by furniture manufacturers, and toys retailers, web studios and airlines, oil companies and car garages, city administrations and religious faiths – Planfix bring these diverse industries exactly what they need.

We Do not Impose Our Rules

In other systems, you used to seeing hard and fast rules that you need to adapt to, but Planfix is much more flexible. You can use it how you want and meet your exact requirements.

Planfix will not dictate to you the “correct” business processes; on the contrary, it is a mirror image of the processes adopted by your company.

Configuration Without Programmers

Planfix configured without the need for programmers. If you have the skills to work in office applications, you will be able to set up Planfix for your company quickly.

Sometimes Planfix users configure systems that are so complex and intricate that they amaze even us, the service programmers!

It is unlikely that we will be able to describe all the worlds that can build in Planfix. Our clients use Planfix as a CRM, a dispatch and technical support system, to manage companies, to distribute and monitor assignments, to conduct project work, for resource accounting and financial planning, and much, much more ...

However, the main thing is that all this can be done in one system simultaneously, with users having different rights and a user-friendly interface set up for them.

Features of the Service

Project management

Manage projects online: timing control, staff workload, resource management, project discussions — all this can be done with any device connected to the Internet. Also, you can even give the client access to the project, who will only be able to access the information that is required.

Client Accounting

With Planfix you can perform client accounting and manage the client relationship at all stages of the transaction. Flexible configuration of the client record card, filters in profiles that you set, a close link with the tasks, large-scale operations and access control will make working with your client base convenient and secure.

Online Gantt Chart

The Planfix Gantt chart works in real time: it works according to MS Project logic, supports four types of links between tasks, allows on the fly editing of the timeline and links and immediately displays the current status of the project. Now there is no reason to do the Gantt chart in Excel — in Planfix it is much more convenient to do this.

Task Management

Planfix monitors the performance of tasks: it automatically tracks the timing of their implementation, enables you to record the time taken to do a task, communicate with the client directly from the tasks, and more. So even if you only need to monitor the performance of tasks given to your staff by the management, using Planfix is already justified.

Enhanced Integration with Email

Planfix can accept emails, create tasks from them and assign a project, the workers and deadlines. This means that you can use Planfix for receiving requests and online orders from your website, manage feedback forms and organize the support services. So if you are looking for a help desk/service desk system, this is just what you need.


The Planfix planner can not only schedule tasks for the day and at the right time but also organize resource management in a straightforward and visual way. Therefore, you can use it to automate the workplace of your staff member, even if he or she has nothing to do with IT: doctors, accountants, economists or managers.

Chronicle of Events in Real Time

Any new developments — tasks, comments, files — will be available in the personal chronicles, which contains only information that is relevant to you. Also, you can get pop-up notifications in your browser, and receive them by email or in Skype.

User Reports

In parallel with the implementation of tasks and projects, you can organize resource management, and define what to take into account. So even if you decide to count the number of cups of coffee each company department gets through, there will be no need for a programmer — the analytics and reports that display the data are set up with a simple addition.

Connecting Clients

On your request, you can correspond with clients via email directly from Planfix or give them access to your account and work with them online. You decide what information the client connected to the project can see, and whom the client can set assignments for.

Linking Accounts

Planfix allows you to send tasks from one account to another, and to link multiple accounts and store the tasks in one of them. The service allows each company to work on its account, receiving and sending only the information that is relevant to its counterparty.

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