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All-in-One Enterprise-Level Software is Now Available for SMB

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Jumping into the same old project and task management system can be cool, sure. It looks nice, and it definitely makes life a little easier.
But as time passes, you start noticing its limits, and the buzz you first felt begins to fade.
Eventually, you realize that this basic program just isn't cutting it. It's holding you back from progressing as quickly as you'd like.
Change is Good — Especially When It's Planfix!
Planfix is like a souped-up business process management system for folks who really know their stuff. It's built to help you dive deeper and gives you more options than your run-of-the-mill project and task management systems. Best part? Even small businesses and non-profits can get in on the action.
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Alright, So What Gives Planfix Its Edge, Even When Stacked Up Against All Those All-in-One Systems?

Planfix scales up as your biz does

Typical all-in-one systems?
They're like a bunch of separate apps or building blocks, each handling a different job — think project management, CRM, HelpDesk, or even keeping track of the finances.
Planfix is the real deal, the whole enchilada, an all-in-one system for managing teamwork built around your business.
Thanks to its unique philosophy, Planfix grows and evolves with your company. You won't find two trees in the world that are exactly the same — and you won't find two Planfix systems that are identical either.