Revenue and Expense Tracking Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Revenue and Expense Tracking

Planfix is a system for managing entire companies, using rules you set. Use data tags to manage company finances and get a complete view of financial movement in your company.

flexible reporting comprehensive accounting ready-made solution
Flexible Reporting — Revenue and Expense Tracking

Flexible Reporting

Planfix's features let you set up a single system for managing all of your company's business processes. Add data tags to the system to track project costs and view return on investment.

Comprehensive Accounting — Revenue and Expense Tracking

Comprehensive Accounting

Reflect all kinds of costs in the system, for long-term projects and one-time tasks. Track expenses and revenue not only for client projects, but also for internal tasks, such as tasks that involve office software or company marketing campaigns.

Ready-made Solution — Revenue and Expense Tracking

Ready-made Solution

Install the "Income and Expense tracking" configuration to use a pre-made solution. You can use it to quickly get the system set up according to the needs of your company's workflows.

Planfix is a transformer that you can configure with ease to meet your company's needs. Store data in the system and return to it at any point in the future.
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