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Report Designer

A report designer helps structure data from a company's business processes. Customize reports for any business task to manage projects and business processes easier through their flexible customization.

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Income and Expenses — Report Designer


Income and Expenses

Create reports to conveniently analyze income and expenses by project, task, employee, or other parameters— for example, a report on sales or company expenses.

Employees Management — Report Designer


Employees Management

Create reports on closed and open positions, days worked by employees, vacations, and payments to manage them comprehensively.

Deals Reports — Report Designer


Deals Reports

Collect reports on contacts, deals, and customer projects, as well as reports on employees to help you track performance, draw conclusions, and take timely action for incentives or penalties.

The report designer helps you select the data you need by adding columns, formatting, grouping, sorting, and other parameters that let you create your reports for any team or company goal.
Call Tracking  — Report Designer


Call Tracking

Collect data on inbound, outbound, and missed calls in reports to view overall call statistics and agents' performance.

For Marketing Teams — Report Designer

For Marketing Teams

Consider marketing costs using reports in each section: periods, advertising campaigns, payroll, and marketing team training.

For Management / Investors — Report Designer

For Management / Investors

Prepare reports on expenses, profits, amortization of projects, investments, and their returns to include all financial movements of the company.

For Project Managers / IT Teams — Report Designer

For Project Managers / IT Teams

Upload data on work done by employees by teams or departments using reports. Create reports on the status of projects, time spent, and financial and human resources within one or more projects.

Learn more about adding Charts and Graphs to your reports to a group and visualize your data in an easy-to-understand way

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