We Continually Work to Extend Opportunities of Planfix by Integrating with Popular Services.

For the Moment Planfix Supports Collaborate with the Following Services

and Social Networks
Integration with Telegram gives opportunity to organize processing clients' messages from mobile device, work of support team and so on in PlanFix. Create tasks and projects in PlanFix from Telegram. Transmit messages from PlanFix task to Telegram chat and vice versa.
More and more users prefer WhatsApp over email and phone calls. To accommodate this, link your WhatsApp account to Planfix. Users will be able to write to you from WhatsApp, and you and your coworkers will be able to respond in the convenient Planfix interface.
Connect your Viber public account and communicate with your clients, using additional opportunities granted by PlanFix. Dialogue with each client will become a new task, and comments sent to the client from PlanFix will be sent to his/her Viber as sent from your public account.
Vkontakte is a popular Russian social network. PlanFix gives opportunity to correspond with your clients, who write messages to your Vkontakte community, from PlanFix interface.
Facebook is the largest international social network. You can correspond with your clients, who write messages to your Facebook pages, from PlanFix interface.
Now you can receive notifications from PlanFix to Skype, and when you answer the action in Skype, PlanFix will send the answer to the necessary task.
Virtual Telephone
You can connect Planfix to the Virtual telephone exchange you use. Using this integration you can open or create a card of the calling contact during the incoming call, initiate a call to your contact from Planfix interface, save records of calls in contact's card and/or task, create tasks following the calls and so on.
Virgin connect
and Mailing Services
Some Planfix functions are available via e-mail. You can create tasks and communicate with them without logging in the system- just sending e-mail messages to the particular addresses.
Integration with mailing services MailChimp и Unisender gives an opportunity to receive contact lists from Planfix to mailing services and automatically maintain compliance of the selected records in Planfix and these services. Also, answers to such letters can be sent to Planfix automatically and processed by your mailing rules.
MailChimp and UniSender
You can keep your files in cloud storages and work with them in Planfix. You can attach them to tasks and contacts, as well as usual files, but they will not be uploaded in Planfix and thus take disk space. You can also use an additional level of access rights: besides rights in Planfix, you can also set rights in cloud storage. Moreover, the main advantage of this integration is a possibility to use and edit files in cloud storage simultaneously and jointly. While in Planfix you will also see the latest version of the document.
Google Drive
with Data
Using Google Forms you can create forms for data collection. Also, you can quickly send this information to Planfix.
Google Forms
Supplement document templates in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format by fields from Planfix tasks and analytics, and get ready documents with necessary data, attached to the necessary tasks. Print or issue in electronic form Microsoft Excel or Word documents, based on Planfix tasks.
Microsoft Word and Excel
Google Calendar is a service for planning meetings and events with the possibility of collective work. Sync your data with Google Calendar with Planfix.
Google Calendar
You can view and edit documents of Office 365, e.g. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, from Planfix interface.
Office 365