OpenStreetMaps Integration Planfix CRM and Project Management System

OpenStreetMaps Integration

Unleash the full potential of your business with by integrating Planfix with OpenStreetMaps. Imagine streamlining your logistics, tracking progress directly on a map, and much more!

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increase efficiency simplicity interactivity need more?
Increase Efficiency — OpenStreetMaps Integration

Increase Efficiency

Link addresses to your deals and orders and see them directly on the map. Integration with OpenStreetMaps makes logistics more convenient and efficient than ever before.

Simplicity — OpenStreetMaps Integration


Now, you can track your work progress directly on the map! The addresses you've added are displayed as colorful markers that tell you the status of your tasks in real-time.

Interactivity — OpenStreetMaps Integration


This integration lets you see your customer requests directly on the map. Plan or change your routes on the fly—it's in your hands!

Take your business to new heights and expand your horizons with the Planfix and OpenStreetMaps integration! Use the features of these two services together to optimize your business processes.
Need More? — OpenStreetMaps Integration


Need More?

If you want to create geopoints and plan convenient routes directly from the Planfix task section, consider integrating with Google Maps.

Use Tasks on a Map to manage and control tasks more efficiently through maps.

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