Google Drive Integration Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Google Drive Integration

Integrating Google Drive with Planfix streamlines document and file management, enhancing your team’s efficiency with a simple and reliable storage solution.

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Secure data storage


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Efficient Team Collaboration — Google Drive Integration

Efficient Team Collaboration

Make team collaboration on documents even more convenient. Collaborate on different file types and create tables, reports, or presentations with Google Drive CRM integration.

Simple Integration — Google Drive Integration

Simple Integration

Synchronize your data effortlessly by integrating Google Drive with CRM. Share files between services without the need for additional connections or configurations.

Next-generation Google Search — Google Drive Integration

Next-generation Google Search

Optimize document search and navigation using advanced Google search technologies directly in Planfix.

Cloud Storage

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External Storage

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Document Database

Organize company's document database in one place
Work with data on a new level with Cloud Office

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