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Organize a unified communication space with colleagues and external users alike, including clients, partners, and suppliers, and maintain a history of your agreements so you stay on track.

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Discussion Directly in Tasks

Communicate with employees and clients directly in the tasks you're working on with them.

Advanced Editor

This tool allows you to add formatting to messages.

Inserting Images

Add images to a message by simply dragging and dropping them into the space for adding a comment.

Inserting Contacts

Add a link to a contact card in a comment if you need to quickly share someone's information.

Adding Files

Share documents directly in the comment thread by adding files to your comments.

Adding Files Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Inserting Reference Data

Share links to any reference data in a comment.

Users Seeing Comments

Notify only the desired employees or client about a new comment you add by selecting them from a list.


Comments are automatically saved after a few seconds of typing.

Adding Reminders

Planfix can remind you about a task or contact at a specified time.

Adding Reminders Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Adding a Checklist

Break out tasks into stages, or subtasks, which you can mark as complete with a single click.


Save drafts of comments so you can leave and come back to them later.

Changing Task Data

Set and change task deadlines to manage task completion.

Text Formatting

Apply formatting to text to remove visual clutter.

Hidden Comments

Use this feature to hide messages in a task where a client is linked.

Hidden Comments Planfix CRM and Project Management System


Quotes make correspondence easier.

Creating Tasks from Comments

Separate part of a comment conversation into its own task directly from the comment thread.

Copying Comments

Copy important comments to other tasks or to contacts.

Adding Participants

Add additional participants to a task in order to discuss any issues that may arise.

Changing Assignees

Change task assignees as needed so work can continue in any situation.

Adding Data Tags

Collect time spent, money spent, or other values within tasks to help with management.

Adding Data Tags Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Pinned Comments

Pin important messages to the top of the comment feed so it's easy to refer back to them.

Prohibit Comments

Prohibit comments on tasks with specific statuses for users with specific roles.

Read and Unread Comments

New comments in the feed are highlighted in a different color. This helps make sure you don't miss anything important.

Display Modes

Select your desired display mode for the comment feed.

Printing Comments

If needed, you can print the comment feed to pass along to an employee or department or to attach to a written letter.

Automatic Comment Adding

Manage your employees' work with customizable prompts and automatic monitoring of how work is being carried out.


Mark comments with likes to acknowledge or support good ideas from your colleagues.

Code Snippets

Share code in comments using snippets with formatting.

Comment Log

Track changes to comments made by colleagues.


Comments with extra emotion can help in any situation.

See Who's Viewing a Task Now

Within a task's comment feed, you can see which of your colleagues are also viewing the task.

See Who's Writing a Comment

You can see when a colleague or client is writing a new comment, which makes communication easier.

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