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Planfix reminders help you track important calls, meetings, and activities. Make managing everything easy by setting up reminders.

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Work with Customers — Reminders

Work with Customers

The flexible reminder settings help you attend every customer call or meeting and send agreements, letters, or birthday reminders at the right time. For example, add reminders to a task card to call or write a customer at a convenient time or remind colleagues of an upcoming event with a reminder attached to a comment.

Personal Tasks — Reminders

Personal Tasks

Manage routine tasks with reminders. Put them in tasks, chronicles, or planners in fifteen minutes, next month or next year. Set up a convenient channel for receiving reminders in the browser, by mail, or via our Telegram bot.

Keeping Track of Dates and Time — Reminders

Keeping Track of Dates and Time

Set a reminder for a task's start or end date. For example, set a reminder to check that an employee completed the task correctly. In addition, create a reminder calendar to easily navigate your daily or weekly schedules without losing sight of essential things.

Planfix allows you to create reminders for any person according to various parameters. Customize reminders for any purpose and appreciate their convenience and flexibility.

Quick Reminders

Add a reminder and get a notification when the reminder has been sent in a task or contact.

Reminders About Task Dates

Reminders can be useful to use as a tool for intermediate monitoring of tasks.

Reminders About Tasks

Add a reminder about a task when the task is being created. The reminder will appear in the task description and will be triggered at the designated time.

Reminders About Contacts

You can add reminders to existing contacts. The reminder you add will be displayed in the contact feed and will be triggered at the designated time.

Reminders When You Need Them

Customize reminders for any purpose, specify exact times and get notifications via a convenient channel.

Reminders in Comments

Add a comment with a reminder to a task to have Planfix remind you or your colleagues about an event in the task.
Omnichannel  — Reminders



The Reminders panel helps you see scheduled and sent reminders. Set up notifications in Chronicle so you can act on them immediately without logging out. Receive notifications via email or Telegram to respond directly to messages. Set your browser to receive notifications with or without a sound signal. Use the mobile app to receive notices and stay current on events.

Recurring Reminders — Reminders

Recurring Reminders

Set up recurring reminders to remind you when tasks need to be completed. For instance, water flowers after lunch every Friday or prepare for meeting every Tuesday at 9 AM. Set reminders for tasks directly in Planner or add them to the task template.

Reminders in Task Templates

Add a reminder to a template so it exists in all tasks created using the template.

Reminders in Chronicle

Process incoming events promptly, without going to a specific task, by adding a reminder for the task directly in Chronicle.

Reminder Panel

Here, you can view all reminders added for tasks, edit them, or delete them.

Reminders in Planners

Add reminders directly in a task list, kanban card, or Chronicle event.

Reminder Calendar

The reminder calendar shows which reminders you have already received and which you will receive in the future.

Notification Channels

Set up notification display and delivery method. Get notifications by email, Telegram, phone, or via another communication channel.
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