Planner Chronicle Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Planner Chronicle

Chronicle is a display view for Planfix planners that helps you receive notifications based on parameters you set. This could be notifications for specific tasks or from specific employees or contacts.

flexible settings convenience for you and for your teams
Flexible Settings — Planner Chronicle


Flexible Settings

You alone determine which events are displayed in Chronicle. Set up notifications for tasks, contacts, or projects, or combine them all together so you don't miss anything important.

Convenience — Planner Chronicle



Receive notifications in Chronicle so you can react in a timely manner: respond to emails, receive tickets, process requests, set reminders, or add tasks to your favorites.

For You and for Your Teams — Planner Chronicle

For You and for Your Teams

Structure your work on projects. Set up planners for yourself and your teams within one or more projects to receive relevant notifications and efficiently delegate your work over the course of a workday.

Set up notifications and crucial reminders in one planner, and your efficient work will be reflected in your empty inbox.
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