Structure the data you've collected and analyze it using various parameters for grouping and displaying data in reports.

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Report Designer

Create your own reports with various details to help manage your company's business.

Report Designer Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Standard Reports

Reports are a tool that let you view data entered into Planfix in a clear, convenient way.

Reports on Tasks

Create reports on tasks that utilize various task fields.

Reports on Comments

Use reports to analyze data in comments.

Reports on Contacts

Use reports to display data on contacts and analyze how effective your work with these contacts is.

Reports on Directories

Create reports on directories to make calculations, such as calculating items in stock.

Charts and Graphs

Present data from reports in a clear and effective manner.

Charts and Graphs Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Reports on Projects

Display summary project data clearly and conveniently.

Report Filters

Easily find the reports you need by searching by name or creator.

Time Off Calendar

This calendar lets you view each employee's vacation and time off in one calendar.

Access to Reports

Employees only see data in reports that they have access to.

Exporting Reports

Export Planfix reports in various formats.

Saved Reports

Save any report you execute.

Planfix Features

Task and project management, comments, interface setup, creating reports, working with contacts, documents, and data tags, access management, integrations, ready-made solutions and much more.

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