Planfix is a system for managing workflows that can be tailored to meet the needs of diverse teams and companies. One tool that can be used to customize the system is favorites.

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Convenience and Customization — Favorites

Convenience and Customization

Add favorite icons to objects in tasks, reports, the Chronicle, planners, or task filters. Use any emoji you like and set up lists of favorited objects for quick access.

Quick Access to Objects

Use the quick access panel to get to your Favorites from anywhere in Planfix.

Favorite Projects

Mark important projects with different symbols to see projects in different categories in the Favorites section.

Favorite Tasks

Mark tasks as favorites so you don't lose track of them.
Quick Access — Favorites

Quick Access

Add tasks, projects, contacts, reports, comments, or documents to your favorites to find them quickly when you need them. Use the Favorites quick access panel to access your favorites from any section in Planfix. Create filters for easy access to favorited objects.

Favorite Contacts

Add important contacts to your Favorites for quick access to them.

Favorite Documents

Add documents to your Favorites to get quick access to them from anywhere in Planfix.

Favorite Comments

Add important task comments to your Favorites for easy access.
Simplify your work with Planfix objects by adding them to your favorites, and save time finding them when you need them. 

Search in Favorites

Use the search feature to quickly find desired Planfix objects in your Favorites.

Filters in Favorites

Quick access to favorite projects, tasks, comments, documents and contacts.

Sorting in Favorites

Sort your favorite objects by any field to make working with them simpler and easier.
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