Business Operations Online Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Business Operations Online

Transfer your company’s typical operational tasks to the Planfix operation management system.

Automate invoice payments or report reminders, keep track of your company's expenses and revenues, and create reports, graphs, and charts based on the collected data. Choose options that make your operations process more comfortable and minimize the effort required for typical tasks.

Accounting and Analytics

Document Management


Accounting and Analytics — Business Operations Online

Accounting and Analytics

Take into account the hours employees work to ensure they're paid fairly.
Manage company finances by handling expenses and revenues.
Create various reports for any period.
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Document Management — Business Operations Online

Document Management

Coordinate and store all versions of documents in one place.
Create and customize document templates.
Keep different versions of documents and files associated with tasks.
Work with documents using internal data storage or integrate external services.
Use document templates to create them quickly.
Reports — Business Operations Online


Create reports from all data stored in your Planfix.
Download reports in tables or create visually appealing charts and graphs.
Simplify business processes by setting up reminders and automated scripts.
Planfix Reports
Work with Documents — Business Operations Online

Work with Documents

Planfix allows you to set up an electronic document management system for your company. Create and store documents within Planfix or in external cloud storage. You can easily share documents with colleagues throughout the company and with external partners.

Document templates

Document database

Document versioning
Data Tags and Reports — Business Operations Online

Data Tags and Reports

The built-in data tag system lets you collect a variety of data from tasks, and the report designer helps you create pivot tables, charts, and tables. 

Charts and Graphs

Present data from reports in a clear and effective manner. Use graphs and charts to group the data and make it easier to understand.

Report Designer

Create your own reports with various details to help manage your company's business.

Data Tags

Any employee working on a project can easily record time, costs, or other resources used in Planfix. This makes it easy for you to track expenses and your budgets.
Improve Efficiency — Business Operations Online

Improve Efficiency

With Planfix software for operations, you can automate and customize many routine tasks and operations processes.

Coordinate and automate the operation tasks routine in a single teamwork and operations management system.


Notifications are sent at a specified time and help people get important tasks done on time.


Direct attention to a task or contact when needed. Planfix can remind you about a task or contact at a specified time.


Important Planfix elements and objects can be added to your Favorites. This makes them easy to find from anywhere in Planfix.

Use all of Planfix's features for 14 days, completely free of charge

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