Help Desk

Set up a help desk management system based on your company's business process with Planfix.

Take requests from different communication channels and distribute them among your teams with a single platform.




Accept — Help Desk


Receive messages from a variety of communication channels and respond through Planfix.
Easily connect different messengers.
Integrate the system via telephony or digital chat.
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Distribute — Help Desk


Group clients based on their request type.
Keep company conversation dialogs and contact cards.
Handle incoming requests with delegation and distribution.
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Process — Help Desk


Planning helps you create comfortable workspaces for your employees and clients.
Prioritize requests.
Distribute requests to support lines or route them to other teams.
Connect chatbots for automated customer help.
Customize workflows for teams, projects, or customers.
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Time Management — Help Desk

Time Management

Track the support team's actual working time, both internally and remotely. Use predefined answers for the same customer questions and automatically distribute incoming requests.

Time tracking
Automatic incoming request allocation
Quick response feature
Features that make work for help desk teams more comfortable and minimize costs for routine tasks.
Automation — Help Desk


Delegate routine task distribution requests between teams to Planfix helpdesk ticketing system. You can use automatic feedback to control employee performance and track the speed at which requests are processed.

Task Scripts

Set up automatic sequences of operations on tasks that are linked to specific events and sets of conditions.


Add additional buttons to tasks and contacts for completing sets of operations.

Status Sets

Define what statuses a task or object created based on a task can have during its lifecycle.
Omnichannel — Help Desk


Build communication across multiple channels in your web based help desk. Reply to clients from Planfix, no matter which communication channel they use to write to you.

Creating Tasks by Email

Assign employees Planfix tasks by sending them emails.

Communication via Different Channels

Use integrations to communicate with clients using the methods they find most convenient.

Rules for Creating Tasks by Email

Create rules by which emails sent to Planfix will be converted into tasks.

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