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Task Scripts

Use Planfix scripts to automate company workflows, simplify your work with tasks and contacts, and free yourself from monotonous activities.

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Tools — Task Scripts


Set up automated responses for your sales department, run scripts for onboarding and training, automate client notifications when project tasks are closed, and automatically generate and send invoices and bills to your partners and clients.

Delayed Scripts — Task Scripts

Delayed Scripts

Set up scripts for tasks and contacts and set a date and time for them to run. The functionality lets you launch the script either when conditions are met or at a specified time.

Testing Mode — Task Scripts

Testing Mode

Planfix lets you test the scripts you create. If something isn't processing, testing mode will help you identify the error in your script settings. Check that your scripts are working and eliminate the need to manually search for errors.

Scripts for Tasks — Task Scripts


Scripts for Tasks

Use scripts to set up processes for approving contracts or coordinating payments. The scripts automate creating tasks, sending messages and reminders, adding data tags, and other actions.

Scripts for Contacts — Task Scripts


Scripts for Contacts

Automate creating and editing contacts, adding them to groups, assigning them supervisors, and linking them to tasks in specified roles.

Task scripts help to facilitate and automate project and task management.
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