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Zapier Integration

Automate your workflows with third-party services! Enhance the capabilities of Planfix, connect applications, and boost your team's efficiency and productivity!

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How It Works — Zapier Integration


How It Works

Zapier is a no-code tool that seamlessly links services to Planfix without the need for complex integration steps. Zapier collects and processes data from Planfix based on a configured trigger and then transfers it to another service.

Versatility — Zapier Integration



Exchange Planfix data with Slack, GitHub, HubSpot, Flodesk, and various other services. Zapier offers integrations with over 5,000 tools and apps for business.

Simplicity — Zapier Integration


All integration settings are managed within Zapier. There's no need to activate it within Planfix or enable it in any way; it works immediately after script creation and activation.

User-friendliness — Zapier Integration


When configuring scenarios in both Planfix and Zapier CRM integrations, you don't require the assistance of a programmer or any coding skills. It's a user-friendly tool with straightforward event logic.

Integrating Planfix with Zapier significantly broadens your organization's capabilities, allowing you to automate numerous processes. You can seamlessly share data with popular services, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your work!
Utilize the integration with Make or Planfix's REST API.

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