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Make Integration

Connect applications and extend the possibilities of Planfix! Integration with Make automates work with third-party services, making your team's work more enjoyable and productive.

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How It Works — Make Integration

How It Works

Make is an integration tool that tracks events in Planfix and initiates necessary actions in your chosen service when they happen. It enables automatic addition of tasks and comments to Planfix, creation or updating of contacts, API calls, and much more.

Expand Your Possibilities — Make Integration

Expand Your Possibilities

The Make – Planfix integration broadens your business's capabilities. Connect your preferred services with Planfix for easy usage, user-friendly features, and adaptability!

More practical tools at your disposal

Access over a thousand services and applications for document management, calls, email, social media, and more.

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Want More?  — Make Integration

Want More?

Seeking additional features or data sharing with your applications? Integrate with Zapier or use Planfix's REST API.

Expand your possibilities with Make integrations — work with your favorite services!
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