Planfix is a
cloud-based CRM transformer.
It adapts to your business and replaces multiple applications at once.

Which CRM software is right for you?

— I want to communicate with clients and lead them through the sales funnel to a successful transaction.

— I want to manage an entire company: sales, projects, tasks, and everything else.

You're in luck —
Planfix works in both cases

It's a powerful CRM system for managing complex sales processes and customer support

It's a "transformer" that can encompass entire companies and help them grow

In this case, CRM is turned into the desired sales process

Between the initial contact with a lead and the sale, for instance, months or years may pass

When there are tens of thousands of customers, and each of them has value

If your sales process has multiple levels with different employees working at each level

Your situation?
Planfix can probably handle it, too

But the most important part begins after the sale...

Everything that happens between you and a customer can be recorded in all-in-one CRM platform — Planfix.

Was their order
fulfilled on time?

Was the customer satisfied with the quality?

Did they contact

...And many other things that could affect customer satisfaction and subsequent orders. You're always kept up-to-date and can predict future sales. Combine your customer relationship management with business processes of the entire company in one powerful management solution — Planfix.

Integrate Apps With Just a Few Clicks

Planfix has got your back when it comes to teaming up with other popular services and systems. It's like adding superpowers to the platform by hooking up the programs your teams are already rocking.

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