We are communicative, and we are ready to answer any your question about Planfix
If your company already has an account, you can pose questions to our Support team inside the system:
We receive your questions as tasks in our account. If necessary, the Support team will involve technician in the discussed area so that you can ask any questions.
Our Support team works in Planfix, so no matter which channel you use to ask questions, we receive them as tasks in our account and answer you as quickly, as if you asked us from your account directly.
We are also ready to receive your questions via any supported channel:
Let your clients write from social network or messenger they prefer, and you will process their requests in Planfix interface.

You can learn more from Integrations page.
By the way, you can arrange work of your support or sales team in the same way:
We do not use voice channels of communication with the Support team, to optimize work and quickly involve necessary managers and technicians in the communication process, and to record the results automatically. Basing on our experience, we believe that using text and pictures for communication is more efficient, than using speech — Planfix is all about efficiency.
The only way you cannot contact us is phone.