Google Calendar Integration Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Google Calendar Integration

Integrate Google Calendar with Planfix to use the features of both calendars simultaneously. Manage your time, appointments, and events more efficiently!

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Advantages of Integration — Google Calendar Integration

Advantages of Integration

Bidirectional data synchronization: data from Google Calendar is available in Planfix and vice versa, so you have up-to-date information in both services.

Efficient time management: sync your calendars to get a comprehensive view of your schedule.
Easy integration without the need for programmers: Set up synchronization in just three clicks.
No need to switch between services: track all events in Planfix, save time, and focus solely on your work.
What Will You Get?  — Google Calendar Integration

What Will You Get?

Up-to-date information about meetings, calls, and events in both services.
The ability to assign tasks in Planfix via Google Calendar.
Access to event data in Planfix Anywhere and Anytime.
The ability to flexibly customize your schedule and plan meetings with Google Calendar CRM integration.
Need More Time Management Tools?  — Google Calendar Integration

Need More Time Management Tools?

Want to display data tags in your calendar or quickly create tasks with data tags? Use the hourly calendar features in Planfix. Use the Task Calendar if you want to have an overview of all your tasks for the day, week, or month.

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Task Calendar

Use Planfix calendar to get an overview of which tasks should be completed when, and coordinate work.

Hourly Calendar

Display tasks, meetings, and calls in the hourly calendar in a matter of clicks, monitoring overall workload by day.

Time Tracking

Track employees' working hours and their efficiency of project work and predict the deadlines for a project.
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