Time Tracking Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Time Tracking

Time tracking is a standard type of tracking that helps you analyze time your company is spending on individual and group tasks.

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Management — Time Tracking



Track time for hybrid or fully remote teams to analyze workloads by tasks and projects for a select period.

Product and Development — Time Tracking

Product and Development

Predict timelines and costs for product development. Track costs on human resources and the overall employee workload.

Finances — Time Tracking



Keep track of hours, and set hourly rates for employees, contractors, or freelancers who work on company projects.

Project Management — Time Tracking

Project Management

Manage projects with Planfix. CRM with time tracking allows you to track employees' working hours and their efficiency of project work and predict the deadlines for a project. Analyze the collected data and watch how the projects progress over time.

Gather data on time employees spend implementing projects to see return on investment.
Staff — Time Tracking


Analyze each employee's time spent on certain types of tasks to develop a system for incentivizing them or referring them for additional training.

Timer — Time Tracking


Record actual working time for tasks directly in Planfix without the need for third-party applications.

Reports — Time Tracking


Run reports for data analysis. Monitor the efficiency of your employees, strategies, and business processes.

Use time data tags to track employee time spent on tasks, add work time data to reports, and analyze employee workload and productivity.
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