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Google Contacts

Your employees only have access to the contacts they work with
When an employee quits, they automatically lose access to the company's contact database
Is it a dream?
Nope, just Planfix.
When an employee is given access to a new contact, the contact automatically shows up in the employee's contact list on their smartphone
Here's how we do it

Contact access in Planfix is very flexible — a contact can be available to all employees, a manually-selected few, or anything in between.

Any number of lists can be created for an employee, which will contain contacts depending on your needs. For example, you can have a list of clients you're meeting with today. Or you can have a list of partners who attended a recent conference.

And segment clients by any attributes
Customize your contact filter

Any list can be synchronized with Google Contacts. When you do so, the same group of contacts is added to your contact list on your smartphone, and the group is added to other apps that use Google Contacts.

In addition to other convenient features, synchronizing groups helps you keep data separated — personal contacts from your phone or your employees' phones will not be entered into Planfix, where they would get mixed up with your work contacts.

And this list will be displayed in your phone's contacts as a separate group
You simply create a list and enable synchronization with Google Contacts

When a new contact is added to the Planfix list, they are automatically added to the same contact group in employees' phones. The reverse is also true — the moment a contact is removed from a list or an employee loses access to a contact, they are removed from the employee's phone.

Employees can add new contacts and fill out fields for existing contacts using their smartphones. The changes they make are automatically made in Planfix, too. This only applies if the employee has editing permissions for this contact, of course.

There's a long list of advantages that come with managing your contacts in Planfix. You won't find other CRM or management systems with as much flexibility or as wide a range of applications.

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