Your customers probably use Skype — which is great, because you can receive and process their Skype messages in Planfix with nothing changing on their end

Skype integration

Skype now supports chatbots, and we can help you get this communication channel working for your company. For Skype users, communicating with your company account will have the look and feel of a regular Skype conversation — but you will have access to numerous convenient features through Planfix.
You create a Skype bot for your company. Customers add it to their contact list and talk with it like they do with regular Skype users
A profile is automatically created in Planfix for the customer, as well as a task for processing the customer's request
Your coworkers see the request in Planfix and communicate with the customer from Planfix
How does it work?
From the moment you enable the Skype integration, you'll stay connected to your customers — all of their requests will be sent to Planfix and will be processed the same was as requests coming from other channels. You'll be able to automatically link employees from different teams to these requests, such as the sales team, dispatchers, and the support team — Planfix lets you configure different processes.
What you and your coworkers see in Planfix
What your customers see in the Skype message window
At the same time, it won't cross the customer's mind that you're not communicating with them from Skype
Why is communication with Planfix more convenient?
You can regulate the speed at which requests from any channel are processed, based on the number of employees you have and their schedules. One operator can be switched out for another seamlessly, and customers won't notice the change.
It's scalable
You won't have to give out the password to your company Skype account, so employees who no longer work for you won't be able to take that information with them. Compare this to the scenario in which employees talk with clients straight from Skype, using their own accounts.
It's secure
Your employees work in one main interface, and they won't have to adjust to the different aspects of different channels. This reduces training requirements and decreases the likelihood of mistakes and misunderstandings occurring.
It's versatile
If an employee doesn't know the answer to a customer's question, they can link any company expert to the conversation. This guarantees the customer a high-quality response, and they will appreciate the professionalism of your support team.
It's dynamic
There's a long list of advantages to communicating from Planfix: Planfix has tracking of any parameters you need; reports with employee work schedules; reports that show completed tasks by type; and payroll determined by closed tickets — all based on rules that you define yourself.
You can even create several Skype bots and link them to Planfix, which gives you flexibility in processing the messages you get from your customers, partners, and contractors.

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