SendPulse Integration Planfix CRM and Project Management System

SendPulse Integration

Automate your digital marketing. Use the Planfix and SendPulse integration to expand your business opportunities and streamline the interactions between your team and customers.

automated newsletters work in a single window tailored newsletters
Automated Newsletters — SendPulse Integration

Automated Newsletters

Simplify the process of sending emails. Automatically send customers information about discounts, offers, and company updates using predefined templates. Let robots handle routine tasks!

Work in a Single Window — SendPulse Integration

Work in a Single Window

Collect and analyze data from customers. Create tasks based on emails with a single click, communicate with customers, conduct surveys, and acquire new leads.

Tailored Newsletters — SendPulse Integration

Tailored Newsletters

Target your customers, set up automation, and send tailored newsletters to different audiences. You can also schedule newsletters based on dates or events in Planfix.

With the integration of Planfix and SendPulse, you can select the right customers by organizing them based on their email addresses, sending newsletters on time, receiving feedback, and analyzing data in one window.
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