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Task Calendar

The task calendar is a planner list that lets you display tasks for a day, week, or month. Set selection parameters for tasks so you just see what you need for your work.

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Monitor — Task Calendar



Use the calendar to get an overview of which tasks should be completed when, and coordinate work. Monitor the number of calls, meetings, completed payments, and other activity in calendars, and don't miss a thing.

Plan — Task Calendar


Plan tasks, meetings, calls, or payments for a day, week, month, or two-month period. Add tasks to the calendar, create reminders, and increase efficiency.

Manage — Task Calendar



Manage tasks right from the calendar, change start and end dates, add comments, confirm changes, and make your own changes.

Synchronize — Task Calendar



Link external calendars to synchronize them with your Planfix calendar, and vice versa. Grant employees or contacts access to your calendars and manage collective work.

The task calendar helps you manage tasks visually. Display the desired date range to view current and planned tasks, monitor them, and plan new ones.
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