Hourly Calendar Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Hourly Calendar

The hourly calendar is a Planfix planner list used for displaying data tags and adding them to tasks. Set a color for data tags and display more than one at once in one calendar.

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Speed — Hourly Calendar


Display tasks, meetings, and calls in the hourly calendar in a matter of clicks, monitoring overall workload by day. Make changes to data tags directly in the calendar — no need to go into individual tasks.

Flexible Management — Hourly Calendar

Flexible Management

The hourly calendar helps team leads and managers track overall employee workload, and it helps employees get a visual overview and manage aspects for their work, such as planned calls and meetings with clients.

Synchronization — Hourly Calendar


Synchronize your Planfix calendar with your external calendar for convenience. Synchronization lets you manage important tasks in multiple services at the same time, avoiding accidental double booking.

Planning — Hourly Calendar


Plan your work right in the Planfix hourly calendar, adding the "Planned working time" data tag to tasks. Save time by creating, modifying, and closing tasks right in the calendar.

Organize a variety of work in one system: Planfix. Use the hourly calendar to get a visual overview of the scope of your work and make changes to it.
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