Daily Schedule Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule is a Planfix planner list that helps you plan and distribute not just your tasks, but your colleague's tasks as well.

plan your day plan team workload automate planning in your company
Plan Your Day — Daily Schedule

Plan Your Day

Schedule your workload by quickly moving tasks around your schedule. Use the schedule so you don't miss any planned meetings, appointments, or calls, and quickly add new ones as needed.

Plan Team Workload — Daily Schedule

Plan Team Workload

The schedule lets you efficiently delegate tasks among colleagues: view overall team workload, as well as available slots for new tasks.

Automate Planning in Your Company — Daily Schedule

Automate Planning in Your Company

Don't waste time discussing routine tasks with colleagues — instead, use the schedule to quickly book conference rooms, tech, and work equipment. Use drag and drop to move tasks in the schedule and automatically change dates and times.

Use the daily schedule to get a visual overview of your workload for the week, to ensure that you don't miss a meeting or call, or to set aside time for housekeeping tasks.
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