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Buttons are a Planfix tool that automates company workflows. Create buttons for tasks and contacts and the system will complete a specified action when clicked.

flexible settings features when working with buttons
Set up scripts to display as buttons so employees can manage teamwork autonomously.
Flexible Settings — Buttons


Flexible Settings

Buttons are created to make working with Planfix even more convenient. Create buttons and display them in task or contact cards, group them, and use them to manage company processes. You can add buttons as part of a script, automating their creation.

Features When Working with Buttons — Buttons

Features When Working with Buttons

Set access to buttons by team, employee, client, or specific role in the company. Configure which buttons will be displayed for different teams in workspace sections such as tasks, contacts, projects, and reports.

Grant button access to clients so that they see only the buttons they need to communicate with you.
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