Status Sets Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Status Sets

Take advantage of the flexible settings of Planfix processes to automate company workflows. Manage task lifecycles using system statuses, or create your own.

for sales for it/ project management for marketing for hr
Use system status sets or create your own. Add them to task templates to quickly create tasks with the set of statuses you need.
For Sales — Status Sets


For Sales

Planfix is a CRM transformer that helps you easily manage sales from the moment a lead is received to the conclusion of a deal. Set up a pipeline, track statuses, and manage the lifecycles of leads and deals.

For IT/ Project Management — Status Sets

For IT/ Project Management

Work in Planfix and manage the development lifecycle of your product or your customers' projects. Planfix is easy to customize: if the product or project changes, change the status sets or transition rules between them.

For Marketing — Status Sets


For Marketing

Manage company marketing strategies using Planfix status sets. Automate task progress by transitioning them from one status to another with a single click.

For HR — Status Sets


For HR

Use Planfix to automate hiring and onboarding new employees, conduct assessments, systematize resume processing, create statuses, and fully manage the employee lifecycle.

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