Creating Tasks by Email Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Creating Tasks by Email

Using Planfix's internal email feature, you can assign an internal email to each employee and each task or project. This feature may help if you handle emails frequently.

the universality of working with email email options
The Universality of Working with Email — Creating Tasks by Email

The Universality of Working with Email

Work without leaving the email client, set employee tasks, and write comments on specific tasks and projects to their unique addresses. Set your own rules for creating tasks and adding comments.

Email Options — Creating Tasks by Email

Email Options

Planfix fetches and stores the data of a letter sent to the internal address of a task or project. First, specify the subject of the email; it becomes the task's name, and the email text becomes its description. Then the sent files are attached to the task, and the sender automatically becomes the assignee. Finally, you can choose the data extracted from an email using the system's flexible settings.

Planfix allows you to set tasks by email so that the data from your email body is transferred into the necessary fields of the task.
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