Rules for Creating Tasks by Email Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Rules for Creating Tasks by Email

With Planfix, not only can you create tasks from emails, but you can also set rules for processing them.

custom rules rules for employees rules for teams
Custom Rules — Rules for Creating Tasks by Email


Custom Rules

By default, emails sent to Planfix become tasks based on system rules. But you can create your own rules for processing incoming emails based on your company's business needs.

Rules for Employees — Rules for Creating Tasks by Email

Rules for Employees

Set processing rules for individual employees that affect emails sent to their virtual email address. This could help, for example, with moving an employee's tasks to a specific project.

Send emails to virtual email addresses, employee email addresses, or project email addresses that will turn into tasks according to the rules you set.
Rules for Teams — Rules for Creating Tasks by Email

Rules for Teams

Put employees in workgroups and set rules for processing tasks sent to their email. When a new participant is added to the group, emails sent to them will be processed by the group's rules. In this way, you can send job applications and resumes to HR and ad requests to marketing.

Use Planfix to automate company workflows. The flexible settings help you move and process incoming emails, alleviating inbox clutter.
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