Enable chat integrations and process customer requests in real time using Planfix's convenient interface.

Chat integrations

We've been using Planfix to communicate with customers for a while now, regardless of what platform they contact us from. This has worked out extremely well for us. An essential part of what makes this work is chat integrations.

You can link Planfix with Chatra or any other chat platform, and you can process messages from these platforms in real time directly from Planfix.

How do chat integrations work?
Just like integrations for messengers and social media. When a customer starts a chat, a new task is created in Planfix. Your coworkers process the task as if it came from any other channel.

The customer writes to you from the chat, and you write back from Planfix. Everyone uses the method they find familiar and convenient. And most importantly, you don't have to try to be everywhere at once: no matter how many chats, messengers, and social networks you use, you can do all your communication from Planfix.
You write to them using the convenient Planfix interface
Customers write to you from online chat platforms
Expand your customer base

When a new customer writes to you through a chat, Planfix creates a profile for them and adds it to the customer database. You get the customer's name and email address, and possibly their phone number as well. No customer who writes to you will be lost.

If a customer first messages you from a chat platform on their computer and then switches to their phone, Planfix will recognize them as the same user by their email address. You see only one conversation thread for customers using multiple devices.

In addition, each time the customer reaches out to you, an action will be added in their profile with information about their operating system, browser, and IP address.

Enable chat integrations and process customer requests in real time using Planfix's convenient interface.

You're probably already aware that you can integrate more than just chats with Planfix; you can also integrate all the popular messengers and social networks.

Planfix Integrations

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