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The flexible settings in Planfix facilitate your work with incoming information. Set up convenient notifications so you don't miss important updates in tasks and projects.

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Flexible Settings — Notifications

Flexible Settings

Decide which tasks and projects to be notified about: all of them, or just those where you're an assignee, participant, or auditor. If notifications distract you or you don't want to receive them, you can disable them easily.

Notification Settings — Notifications

Notification Settings

Configure notifications so you just receive them from specific employees or clients whose messages require immediate response. You can also specify hours during which you would like to receive notifications, such as 9 AM - 6 PM.

Quick Settings — Notifications


Quick Settings

Manage notifications at the task and project level. Enable them, disable them, or set individual rules for them without leaving the task or project page. Set up notifications in scripts to view, say, checklist or task status changes.

Notifications When You Need Them

Get notifications at an exact time.

Notifications for Employees

Employees set as assignees in a new task or linked to an existing one will be notified.

Notifications for Clients

Notify clients only when you consider it necessary.

Notifications in Scripts

Notify employees about events triggered by scripts.

Notifications in Projects

Set up notifications for project tasks that differ from your standard notifications.

Customizable Events

Specify events for which Planfix will send you notifications.
Delivery Methods — Notifications


Delivery Methods

Get notifications in your Chronicle to process them quickly. Get email or Telegram notifications and respond without logging in to Planfix. Set up browser notifications with or without audio. You can also use the mobile app to stay in the loop even when you're away from your computer.

Notifications in Tasks

Mark the right employees in a task to notify them of a comment or action.

Mobile App Notifications

Get notifications in the Planfix mobile app.

Email Notifications

Set up email notifications for new tasks and comments for the email address you used when signing up.

Notifications in the Chronicle

Set up notifications in the Planfix Chronicle to lighten the load in your inbox.

Telegram Notifications

Use Telegram to receive various notifications from Planfix.

In-browser Notifications

Configure pop-up windows that contain the notification text and appear when Planfix is open in a browser tab.
Choose the communication channel you use most often and stay on top of all work events. Flexible notification settings open up a wealth of possibilities for users and administrators alike.
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