Use Planfix solutions to quickly launch business processes or package the unique settings of your workspace into a prepared solution.

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Standard Solutions

Use our set of pre-made objects (Data Tags, Directories, Reports) to support a specific business process in Planfix.

Creating Solutions

Create your own solutions and save time by automating the creation of the objects you need in Planfix.

Creating Solutions Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Solution Marketplace

Use ready-made solutions from our marketplace to speed up Planfix implementation in your company.

Solution Marketplace Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Access to Solutions

Leave solutions private or make them public by changing their settings to make them available for installation in the Planfix marketplace.

Partner Solutions

Certified partners can create their own solutions for future use in client accounts.

Planfix Features

Task and project management, comments, interface setup, creating reports, working with contacts, documents, and data tags, access management, integrations, ready-made solutions and much more.

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