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Account management can be done in Planfix with settings that help you create a work environment that fits your company's needs. Manage account features, no programming required.

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Roles — Administration



Easy role assignment lets account owners distribute management privileges to various users or completely manage the system themselves. Grant permissions to account management for administrators and technical administrators so they can implement the majority of account settings. 

Management Features — Administration

Management Features

Planfix lets you manage visibility of tasks, projects, contacts, and other objects for employees and external contacts. "Log in as user" lets you check that users have the correct permissions granted. Planfix also lets account owners and administrators view an account log of all changes made.

Account Owner

The person who registers a company's Planfix account automatically becomes its owner. The owner has full rights to the account and can grant them to other users.

Account Administrators

Appoint administrators to manage your account, add users, and set up users.

Technical Administrators

Technical administrators can access most account settings but don't have access to sensitive data.

Two-factor Authentication

Keep the chances of your Planfix account being hacked to a minimum by setting up two-factor authentication.

Access by IP

Secure your account by only allowing users access from specific network addresses.

Managing Task Visibility for Contacts

Grant contacts access to all tasks where their company is the counterparty.
Security — Administration



Set up access rights within your company to manage collective work. Limit access by IP address or set up two-factor authentication to increase account security and protect your data.

Logging in as Users

View Planfix through the eyes of an employee, which helps you make their work easier.

Automatic Data Backup

Planfix automatically saves all account data. This allows you to roll back your account data to a specific point in the past.

Exporting Data

Save data to an archive and export it so nothing is lost.
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Deleting an Account

As a safety feature, accounts are frozen for 30 days before being deleted.

Account Change Log

Monitor changes made in your account by viewing the log of user actions.

Recycle Bin

Restore documents, tasks and other items from the recycle bin.
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