Ways to Link Assignees Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Ways to Link Assignees

Planfix is created to make collaborative work convenient both in offices and remotely. The system's flexible settings for linking assignees to tasks let you equally distribute workloads among subordinates.

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Individual Tasks — Ways to Link Assignees

Individual Tasks

Link employees individually to tasks. This lets you handle each employee individually. Employees won't see their colleagues' tasks, which will decrease distractions and help everyone complete their work more quickly.

Employee Groups — Ways to Link Assignees

Employee Groups

Initiate teamwork by linking a group of employees to a task. Different company departments or divisions scattered across multiple offices or even countries can work on tasks collaboratively. This speeds up and simplifies their interactions when problem solving.

Set up employee access to tasks for parallel collaborative work, and easily organize a team's work so they can quickly process orders or provide clients with technical support.
Clients with Planfix Access — Ways to Link Assignees

Clients with Planfix Access

Work with clients directly in Planfix by providing them with access to your account. This gets you a direct communication line with the client that helps facilitate conversations and agreements. The client will also be able to directly assign tasks to your project manager or their own supervisor. You have to agree, that's convenient!

External Contacts — Ways to Link Assignees

External Contacts

If you don't want to grant clients access to your account, you can let them interact with your company via email or the dashboard. This makes it easy to organize work with external freelancers or clients. They use email to communicate with you, and you can view all their messages in Planfix and reply directly from the system.

Initiate collaboration among employees and departments using the many ways to link assignees to tasks.
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