Adding Data Tags Planfix CRM and Project Management System

Adding Data Tags

A data tag is a tool that lets you add and track different kinds of data in Planfix, such as time and finances. Data tags allow for more flexible management of company workflows.

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Planfix will become your company's single system for tracking data and working on projects. Specify the time and money spent on a project within its tasks and manage the project's lifecycle.
Time Data Tags — Adding Data Tags

Time Data Tags

Use time data tags to track the number of hours spent on a task. This helps teams see the total number of hours they're spending working, while team leads and project managers can see the total amount of time spent on each project.

Finance Data Tags — Adding Data Tags

Finance Data Tags

Track expenses and revenue without even leaving the task you're working on. Use finance management data tags to track the money your company is spending implementing projects, as well as return on investment and predicted profits.

Custom Data Tags — Adding Data Tags

Custom Data Tags

In addition to tracking finances and time, you can use data tags to track goods and services. Use them when creating a sales funnel, formulating reporting, or tracking any data that's important to your workflows.

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